Mobile Friendly

Assalamualaikum and Salam 1 Malaysia!!!

Today is Wednesday-lah what else (apa lagi)? it's english day most of blogger call it in Malaysia, am right? pfttttt~... hoho

About my entry post today, i want to give 'little' additional about my previous entry "Ini Bukan Tipuan" where you can see right now.

For your info, this template call pinfinity (can download here). It's develop using responsive term, which i mean it myself, where it will crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing  experience ( more at wiki).

For easy explaination, this template will transfer desktop web view to mobile web without any setting when open a website on mobile (phone/tablet). It's automatically make arrangement to fit to your mobile browser, see above picture.

So, it's mobile friendly right??


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