Change My 'Shirt' Again?!!

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia!!!

It's wednesday! and it's english day! . . . so, want or not it's compulsary for me . . . hehe~

So, what my story today? as my post title typed (so Mal-english you~) lah . . . what else kan?? my previous 'shirt' (read here) actually is just fine and looking 'sedap' for me, but last two day, i found that something error on my blog 'shirt'. Some picture link is missing. I guest the creator of old 'shirt' didint remember to update all picture or image link. So, that why got error on my blog previously.

So, as you seen right now is my new 'shirt' for my blog . . . hopefully i can 'wear' this 'shirt' much longer than before.


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