Cheapest Shoutcast & Icecast Hosting Provider

Assalamualaikum dan Salam 1 Malaysia!!!

How's your day today? hope 'better' as you wish it. Today is my english blog entry and before 'going to deep', so sorry if this post make you not understand what i want to mean it (your reading) because i'm using Malaysian English version (hantam saja la, gatai sangat nak antarabangsa kan!)

In this post, i would like to share 'mini' information about hosting provider specialist for shoutcast and icecast. What is Shoutcast? you can read here and Icecast? also read here. If you running online/internet radio station or simple to call it audio streaming online then you know what i'm wrinting about here :-)

All people will search the most cheapest hosting provider right? especially for small community/group/listener and want to run it 24/7. Before this, i found the cheapest is $4.95/month but 'not longer' with that provider then i decide to terminate after 1 year and using other provider but not 24/7 functionally.

Last 2-3 weeks i want to re-lunch my community online radio - Lohan FM - and i found this website :-

Starting at $1.50/month ! ! ! . . . so cheap right???? . . . so, if you want it just go here - Click HERE - for more info and detail plans.


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